The Salesforce Ecosystem is large, feature-rich, and complex – and you want it all to work together for you. Great Wave can help you build a basic framework, integrate with your existing systems, or create totally custom solutions for your business needs. Our talented and experienced team of certified developers have a wide range of experience that allows them to fully utilize the strengths of the platform to your advantage.

We are also experts in Lightning customization and coding. We can help you transition your current desktop and mobile functionality into the Lightening experience, and ensure your team continues to work smoothly and effectively post-migration.

Learn more about the kinds of development and customization we can do for you:


The core of most Salesforce implementations is Sales Cloud. It’s crucial for your configuration to reflect your unique customer profiles, to support your Sales team’s activities, and to integrate all the right data with key departments and systems.

Great Wave’s consultants have thousands of hours of successful Salesforce implementation experience, and know both best practices to get your team running quickly and smoothly, as well as techniques and tools for customizing Salesforce for your unique business fit.

We have configured Salesforce for clients ranging across a wide variety of industries – nonprofits, financial services, software vendors, healthcare and life sciences. We work with you to build the best CRM tool for you.

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What’s a Customer Relationship Management system without integrated Customer Support? At Great Wave, we can help you implement and customize your Service Cloud instance, as well as configure reporting and analytics to help you drive an efficient and effective Customer Support function.

With our experience with Communities and ZenDesk, and custom development of service support bots, we can further integrate Salesforce with your systems and channels to support your customer satisfaction.

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Work with Great Wave to exceed your marketing automation goals with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot. Take full advantage of the available suite of services: social media, email or web marketing, or digital advertising. Connect your marketing campaigns to actual customer behavior. Deliver a personalized, seamless customer experience. With Great Wave’s expertise, you can quickly adapt to your customers’ needs and wants by harnessing the power of Marketing Cloud.

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If you’re a large sales organization with complex products, bundles and pricing, or just large territories with a variety of client relationships, you are likely considering the Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) module for Salesforce. You know that the challenge in implementing CPQ is in the up-front analysis, establishing rules for bundling and pricing, and identifying where you’re willing to give your sales teams leeway to name their own terms – and when they need to get approval first.

As a Salesforce Partner with long experience in implementing complicated, customizations, we have the analytics team to make sure you’re setting your team up for success, and leveraging the best that CPQ has to offer.

We also know that you’re not just here to generate quotes, and when your team is ready to issue an invoice you’re going to need to include local tax information. We’ve developed an accelerator – Great Wave Sales Tax – that will pull the latest local tax information and update your quotes in real time.

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More About Great Wave

Great Wave is a full-service global consulting firm dedicated to delivering software as a service (SaaS) with a focus on and its partner ecosystem. As a Salesforce consulting partner, our team utilizes vast experience and agile techniques to deliver successful, quality client solutions.



Great Wave Sales Tax calculates accurate Sales Tax in all 50 states and over 30 countries. Get your numbers right with Great Wave Sales Tax.