Congratulations! You’ve made a great decision to implement Salesforce in your company. Now what?

Great Wave can help you determine the right fit for your needs, using best practices and our deep experience with Salesforce implementation.

We’ll help:

  • Load your existing data into Salesforce safely
  • Train your teams to use Salesforce
  • Plan for future changes

We’ll never:

  • Upsell you services you don’t need
  • Push to customize your installation
  • Lose sight of your true mission

Need help loading your old spreadsheets into Salesforce? We can do that. Prefer not to do much customization, but want your teams to have a thorough understanding of what you get with off-the-shelf Salesforce? We can get you the best resources for your team/industry/needs and help your employees get off to a fast, successful start in Salesforce.

We’re not interested in selling you an overinflated engagement with bells and whistles your team doesn’t require, nor customizations that aren’t right for your operating model. We know you have an important mission to accomplish. We want you get the most from your Salesforce implementation, because your success is our success.

More About Great Wave

Salesforce makes a point of supporting the nonprofit sector, and Great Wave is proud to help nonprofits succeed on the Salesforce platform, whether you’re using the NPSP or not.