Our Apex developers have deep experience in crafting custom integrations, web services, and workflows that enhance your business integration and real-time information.

We can:

  • Build custom solutions for you
  • Advise your team about best practices
  • Help them avoid pitfalls
  • Review their code and suggest improvements
  • Build, debug, and tune your Lightning Experience code

All of our code adheres to strict quality standards and is thoroughly covered by test classes.

Our Visualforce expertise covers all your Salesforce customization needs, from process builder and process flows to tailored custom pages and communities for brand support, and great user experience (in Lightning or otherwise). Our team can build out the most complex flows for you, or support your internal resources to help bring your instance to a higher level.

We’ve even built a VR application that works with Salesforce. When we say “custom”…we’re not kidding.

Don’t settle for a Salesforce implementation that mostly meets your needs. Get the system that will supercharge your business and your team. We can build it for you or help you do it yourself.

Customer Testimonial

“Great Wave’s ability to deal with highly customized and proprietary data structures is second to none. They are able to untangle the complex web of very large scale data migration into and out of Salesforce orgs. I would not trust my production data to very many people. Great Wave is at the top of the list.”