With the continued explosion of cloud-computing,, the #1 cloud-computing social software company has become an important tool for organizations to operate their businesses effectively. We have certified experienced global professionals, including our CEO, one of a small group of Certified Salesforce Technical Architects, with expertise in Salesforce solutions that span the end-to-end portfolio, including CRM, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and more. We have successfully implemented small to complex projects across all facets and aspects of and love new challenges!


We love efficiency and any opportunity to build end-to-end solutions that integrate multiple back-end systems and applications. Salesforce offers a rich library of programmatic and declarative integration tools that let you implement business logic that spans multiple application systems.

Our powerful Workflow engine also offers an Outbound Messaging feature that allows customers to develop end-to-end business processes that span multiple applications, all using a point-and-click declarative interface


As well as expert developers and architects, our certified Project Managers have combined technical and business expertise to help deliver the right solution for your business. Combined with proactive cross-functional communication and agile process, our collaborative partnership focuses on the targeted results you want. While there may be additional opportunities that we will go above and beyond to make you aware of, at Great Wave, we pride ourselves on delivering what will drive the most value for your business.


At Great Wave, our culture is made up of strategic thinkers that take the time to understand your overall business goals and partner with you to develop short and long term strategic initiatives. In addition to developing and implementing new solutions or integrating current solutions, Our expert consultants also provide solutions to any of your ad-hoc needs, including migrations, functionality expansion, and complex APEX triggers. We have more than 180,000 billed hours from simple to extremely complex projects.