Display the Right Values at the Right Time

A common developer task is to show values that are dependent. We’ve all had cases when we need to pick a State & City or when we are browsing for a new computer and we need to select Brand & Model. In my developer experience, I’ve come to identify two types of dependent picklist in Visualforce: Model-dependent and Model-related.… Continue Reading


A Quick Guide on FOR Loops

Apex is Salesforce’s proprietary cloud-based, object-oriented programming language. Let’s break down that a little bit:

  • Apex was built by Salesforce, for Salesforce. You will not be able to write and run Apex outside your Org.
  • Apex is cloud-based. Unlike many other programming languages, you do not need to install any software to start developing in Apex nor will you have to compile it because the platform will take care of that for you.
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